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SMS to File allows you to backup your SMS messages as Text, CVS, HTML or XML file.

The app allows you to filter messages, such as filtering by a contact and filtering by a type of message (all/in/out/draft).

Also you can share a saved file via Email, FaceBook, DropBox and other (you may need an appropriate app to do it).


  • Save to Plain Text (TXT) with UTF-8 encoding. You can open it later in any Text Editor (i.e. Notepad)
  • Export to Comma-Separated Text (CSV). It can be opened in any spreadsheet viewer (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc and other)
  • Backup your SMS messages into HTML. Any browser (i.e. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safary, Opera) can open this format of internet pages
  • Export messages into XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is a universal and lightweight format for data. Wide variety of apps should works with such format (browsers, viewers, editors, web sites)
  • Filter messages by a type. You may choose incoming, outgoing, draft or all messages to export
  • Filter messages by a contact. Save messages to/from a concrete person.
  • Store a save file in Dropbox, Attach it to e-mail, Share with Facebook, Google+ etc. (first install these client apps to you phone)


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v.1.0 - Added a support to export to TXT, CSV, HTML, XML.

Added a file sharing support. Implemented filtration features


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